ff00ff (ff00ff) wrote in scifisketch,

The results of sketching, and then inking, and more inking, and then lettering.

A tribute to one man's war against an inflatable empire of evil, Rogue Trooper from the British 2000AD comic, as rendered by me.

I produce around like... one piece of finished artwork every three months. This is a glacial pace. I'd like to see more people sketching, rather than me just coming around every now and then to shame you.
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Very psychically charged piece, I'd say!

Also some parts of architecture are seen - it is a nice touch.

As for pace - for me it comes to tols. There must be:
1. Free table.
2. Good markers (I like centropen).
And often I have bursts of sketching - producing like 10 pics in 1,5 hours, then nothing for a long time.
Well, the year's more than half over and I'm the only one who's posted a thing, so make sure to scan the sketches you're proud of, and get them on here when you get into a sketching mood :)
I think that you progress, by the way))

I have several sci-fi sketches, but half of posts of this community are from me. However, I haven't promoted this except pair of posts in very beginning. Maybe it is worth to start a new compaign?
Well, I think as long as just a few people are posting sketches semi-regularly, just a couple of posts per month would do, the place would grow steadily enough on it's own, because we'd draw people to it, having something to see here on a semi-regular basis. I think that's the best kind of promotion.

Also, thanks for the complement. :)