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Science Fiction Sketches

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You`re sitting bored. And your pen starting to draw lines on very first scrap of paper in the range. Eventually lines become starship, or robot, or futuristic megapolis, or all of these at once. You look at it and realise that picture is not bad and you want to show it to other people. That`s where skifisketch comes in - simply scan or take photograph of your picture and put it here.

Please follow these rules:
* Post it if you think it`s cool or you think other will think it`s cool. There so many really cool pictures around so it is not worth to spend life on something that is not of interest.
* Stay in vein of constructive criticism (like "your picture is disaster BECAUSE OF [things in picture that need heavy improvement]"). You don`t need a big brain to simply put down people (actually, you not need ANY brain to put down people - see flies for example).
* On the other hand - if you just like picture - tell it - we`re here much for feedback we want to hear. Good responce can be just smile - and it is still good responce.
* Note that it is not community of professional artists, but I assume everybody wants to improve skills and style.
* If your picture is big - make preview or ljcut it.
* Try to put all you pictures in one post. It is not good idea to create new post for each new picture you draw every hour. In case you drew, say, three pictures in a day - create one post with three pictures, and not three posts with one picture each becaurse it`s usually annoys people.
* Have fun!